Helle Deichmann

Born in Silkeborg 1976 - self-taught artist - studio at Art Lab, Vestfyn, Denmark.

Specializing in abstract painting - mainly acrylic on canvas - many layers of crayon, ink and pencil...

I am often asked about the painting-process ...

It is hard to explain. When I paint, I find myself in a world where nothing can disturb me . I am 100% focused on the canvas.

Initially my focus is on the colors, compositions , contrasts, light and shadows. I try not to think - to paint unconsciously, intuitively, to get the brush to work by itself. I paint the color, which at the time, inspires me, layer upon layer. Later, forms, shapes,and structures occur, which I may or may not respond to.

I begin to control my work in the direction I want, at that moment. Not having planned in advance, I work in the direction that the painting draws me. I paint recognizable elements without telling a story or explaining the painting. I love to paint special "hints" that perhaps can be perceived differently, depending on the eye that envisions it.

I work with the composition - though highly chaotic, and goes through several stages before it all falls into place and make sense. The painting changes both color and expression while under way. One moment, my line is raw and immense - the next, I am painting a detail. I love the contrasts - they create dynamics for me.

The process often last several months. A painting is "resting" while I am painting others, to emerge again later and be re-worked - and perhaps completed. I paint intuitively and therefore expressions and colors change radically from day to day, making the paintings seem very different with each day.

Inspiration ... where does it come from?

I am inspired by everything around me – everything I see, hear, feel, discover, light, color combinations everywhere, music, a phrase, an atmosphere, an immediate thought or even the color of a pair of new boots.

Inspiration fills my mind with bubbles that need to be burst by my brush to get all thoughts and ideas onto the canvas immediatly to avoid overload.

I get restless and "bubbles are still floating" until ideas and thoughts are translated into the canvas - only then, am I ready to observe and react again....